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  • Perfect Smile Alanya are a professional actor when it comes to dental tourism. Each year we have a big number of europeeans comming to our clinics in Turkey for dental treatment.

  • Thousands of peoples have had dental treatment at our dental clinics over the years. In addition to all new customers, we also have a big number of regular customers who visit us every year for control.

  • Our customers are both resident Europeans, Europeans who have holiday apartments in Alanya, but also a large number who have chosen us as their permanent dentist and choose to spend their vacation in Alanya and combine this with an annual check.

  • Most people who come to us often need larger treatments, but we also have customers who only want a check and may replace some old fillings.

  • The more comprehensive treatment you need, the more you will save  by coming to us for treatment.

News from us:
March 2024:
We are happy to tell that our prices (and offer) from 2022 are still valid! 
Welcome to PerfectSmileAlanya!
November 2022:
Finally, things are back to normal. Covid is no longer a threat, since the vast majority have been vaccinated.
We notice this very well at our dental clinics in Alanya, which we are very happy about.
See our offer packages valid in January, February and March 2023.

November 2021:

From march 2020 till today.... it has been a very difficult time for everyone. 

Still, during the pandemic, we still have had europeans coming to our clinics for treatment. 

Lucky us! 

Since october more and more people are coming to our clinics both in Alanya and in Antalya for dental treatment. 

We are very optimistic for the years to come. 

Our clinics are open all year, included christmas and other europeian holidays.

Dental clinics in Alanya.
At our clinics you will meet top qualified dentists, implant specialists and dental technicians.The clinics are state-of-the-art, and all employees are expertly updated at all times.
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